How to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home.


The shortage of hand sanitizers in stores is an observation we all made recently, and it’s hardly surprising given that panic-shopping has been many people’s response to the seemingly ever-growing Coronavirus pandemic.

But we’re not here to judge people’s purchase habits. Instead, we’re here to solve a very real problem – the shortage of hand sanitizers – by teaching you 3 useful and simple recipes of DIY hand sanitizers. None of these recipes use more than three ingredients, some of which you likely already have lying about in the medicine cabinet.

Before we show you how to make hand sanitizer at home, however, it’s crucial to point out that using hand sanitizers is merely a supplement to hand-washing, as no hand sanitizer will clean your hands as well as soap and water.

We demonstrate the hand-washing technique suggested by the WHO in a previous article: How to Wash Your Hands Correctly.

We’d also like to inform you that hand sanitizers contain a lot of alcohol that may dry out your hands, so we recommend moisturizing your hands an hour after every use of hand sanitizers.

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