US Election 2020 live: Biden overtakes Trump in state that would give him White House-But president is defiant.


Latest updates on the US election as Joe Biden and Donald Trump race to 270 Electoral College votes.

Key points:

Just six states left to declare and Biden in strong position – live results here

The Democrat overtakes Trump in Pennsylvania – winning there would be enough on its own to clinch the White House

A recount is announced in Georgia – a reliably Republican state where Biden today overtook the president due to mail-in ballots

What are the numbers? Biden is on 253 Electoral College votes in the race to 270. He needs: Pennsylvania (20) or two of Arizona (11), Georgia (16), Nevada (6) and North Carolina (15)

Trump is pursuing legal action in at least four states – though he has lost a bid to stop the count in Michigan – and he also wants a recount in Wisconsin

The incumbent president stunned onlookers with a White House statement full of unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in key states where his fortunes have turned

What could happen overnight? Joe Biden could give news conference; Georgia and Pennsylvania are the states most likely to declare next, but many votes including sizeable absentee military ballots still need to be counted

Live reporting by Emily Mee, Chris Robertson and Jimmy Rice


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