Happy Birthday…..Mr. President!


Η Μέριλιν Μονρόε τραγουδάει αισθησιακά το «Happy Birthday Mr.President» προς τιμήν του Αμερικανού προέδρου, Τζον Φ. Κένεντι, στο πάρτι των 45ων γενέθλιων του, στις 19 Μαΐου 1962 στο Madison Square Garden ΙΙΙ.

Υ.Γ. The running joke for the evening, as planned, was that Marilyn was late! It was planned that way for the event. 

Everything we see Marilyn do on stage was rehearsed right down to her arm movements and jumping up and down at the end of the song as we can see in the rehearsal photos before the event. 

So Marilyn did this spot on as planned. 


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